The Gorgeous Guide to Exfoliation

The Gorgeous Guide to Exfoliation

Exfoliation: Benefits & Methods

Understanding how exfoliation works will give you a key to improving your skin and giving you a glowing and brightened complexion.

Exfoliation is the removal of dead skin cells and debris from the skin surface via physical or mechanical products (scrubs) or through chemical products (acids/peels).  Both will give a similar outcome but for some skins, heavier physical products may be too aggressive and can lead to a breakdown in the skin’s barrier.  Clearing away the old skin surface brightens the surface of the skin and helps shed dull, tired cells and will help to encourage new cellular growth and stimulates collagen production, a huge benefit for older skins.

Here are 7 benefits of Exfoliation:

  1. It helps clear pores so great for congested skin.
  2. If you suffer from acne prone skin, exfoliation is a great way to remove particles that can add to the skin’s bacteria levels.
  3. A clear skin allows your other products to absorb better.
  4. Gives an improved and more even skin tone.
  5. Circulation boosting which brings more nutrients to the skin encouraging healthier cell growth and improves lymphatic drainage which takes away toxins and waste.
  6. Cell renewal increases which means that your complexion will improve and can reduce visible signs of ageing.
  7. Collagen stimulating which will plump the skin giving you a firmer and more toned appearance.  Great for anti-ageing.

So, you can see that exfoliation why is this capitalised has some amazing benefits for all skin types, young or old and not dependent on skin type.  It really is an essential to keeping your skin looking good at any time in your life.

How much exfoliation is too much?

Traditionally, it was always advised as a once a week treatment; however, with changes to products and a better understanding, it is now felt by many dermatologists and cosmetic experts that the skin is able to withstand 2-3 times a week and as you age increasing exfoliation to this kind of level should be expected to encourage cell renewal as the body slows down it’s natural cell turnover hence the dull, tired and ageing feeling many women feel occurs. Taking professional advice in a consultation will give you a clear idea of your skin’s needs and how exfoliation can benefit you.

Too much exfoliation or misuse of products can lead to breaking down the skin’s barrier or even making the skin react by protecting itself and toughening the surface. 

What exfoliation products & treatments are best for me?

This is where your professional beauty therapist or salon comes in.  We study skin for a living and can help prescribe products that will give you the best result.  Here are the options available as both retail purchases at Gorgeous or treatments that you can book to top up and enhance your home care exfoliations.  If you have specific areas of concern salon treatments will be the best solution to tackle ongoing conditions or problems such as pigmentation/age spots, scarring reduction for general scars or acne, reduction in visible signs of ageing and more.

Please Note: Microdermabrasion and Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) can increase skin sensitivity to the sun and therefore the risk of sunburns and post-treatment hyperpigmentation. Use sun protection, wear protective clothes and limit sun exposure while using these products and treatments.

So, you can see that exfoliation why is this capitalised has some amazing benefits for all skin types, young or old and not dependent on skin type.  It really is an essential to keeping your skin looking good at any time in your life.


Exfoliation products available at Goreous


[comfort zone] Essential Scrub Illuminating and Refining £30

96% natural-origin ingredients


Two dimensional mechanical exfoliant which removes impurities and refines the pores. Reawakens skin luminosity, leaving the skin soft and smooth.  For all skin, especially those more impure, oily and resistant.




[comfort zone] Essential Peeling Delicate Enzymatic Mask £30

93% natural-origin ingredients

Exfoliant-mask to eliminate impurities, superficial dead skin cells and excess sebum thanks to the delicate enzymatic action. Reawakens luminosity, leaving the skin soft and smooth. Ideal for sensitive skin, particularly suggested for cold climate




[comfort zone] Sublime Skin Peel Pads (14 pads) £36

96% natural-origin ingredients

Two dimensional mechanical exfoliant which removes impurities and refines the pores. Reawakens skin luminosity, leaving the skin soft and smooth.  For all skin, especially those more impure, oily and resistant.





Apply in the evening, on alternate days, for a month on face, neck and neckline cleansed and dry. Let absorb. Continue with serum and/or specific cream. Read the warnings on the package.

Use the peeling pads also on the neckline and the back of the hands to rejuvenate them.


Exfoliating Treatments Available at Gorgeous

When it comes to treatments to support your home products Gorgeous has a range of facials that can help keep your exfoliation needs fulfilled and to keep your skin its best possible condition. 

[comfort zone] Expert Care Facial

(prescription facial – suitable for all skin types)


Our [comfort zone] Expert Care Facials include the use of our Essential Scrub and Essential Peel exfoliator products to give you a good cleanse and the benefit of exfoliation while relaxing through our professional facial and the advantage of the wider [comfort zone] range of products being used to give your skin the best possible result.

[comfort zone] Double Peel Facial

(chemical exfoliation – suitable for all skins & anti-ageing)


This chemical peel facial from [comfort zone] provides a two-stage peel to exfoliate your skin. Starting with a cleanse of the skin to prepare and followed by acid preparation products the base acid is applied and left to begin the process before either our Delicate Peel or Intensive Peel is applied for the final stage of the peel process.  Delicate is suitable for more sensitive skins and first-time chemical peel clients and the Intensive is more suitable for stronger skins and those more used to higher levels of AHAs (Alpha Hydroxy Acids).

This Double Peel is also part of our most effective [comfort zone] facial the Sublime Skin Deluxe Lift Facial £70 which gives a firming and lifting Japanese Kobodi style massage to the face and décolleté.

Crystal Clear Microdermabrasion

(mechanical exfoliation – suitable for most skin types)


A highly effective facial system from Crystal Clear brings you a multi benefit treatment.  Crystal microdermabrasion blasts microfine aluminium crystals over your face at high pressure to clear the dead skin cells away, this is then added to by suction to clear this away which benefits the skin by adding plumping, toning and firming to the facial. This facial is available as an Express Facial where you receive just the treatment with a cleanse and moisturise or if you would like to benefit from increased couch time and the added firming & toning benefits of the beautiful Mini Lift Mask from Crystal Clear then book the Luxury version.

7 Top Tips for Good Hand & Nail Health

7 Top Tips for Good Hand & Nail Health

We are currently going through an extreme situation and are unable to go about or normal day to day lives and so our appointments for all things nails and beauty are on hold.  At Gorgeous where we could we removed all client enhancements and gels so that we saved as many clients as possible from the ill-advised practice of picking, peeling, chewing their products off and where we couldn’t get people in before the lockdown, we’ve offered videos on home removal.

We’re now in the fifth week of staying home and although this means that the intense handwashing has lessened as we are out in the infection zones much, much less, we are still touching things entering our homes and for many of us we are still heading to shops and running essential errands thus meaning more hand-washing than normal.  Others of us have taken up the sandpaper and paint brushes or cleaning products and dusters and are tackling jobs in our homes that we’ve not had time to do for years!

All this activity causes a reduction in the oils in the skin covering your hands and fingers.  Whilst we’re living our alternative lives under the threat of Coronavirus or COVID-19, here’s our TOP 7 TIPS FOR HAND CARE to ensure your hands stay as well looked-after as possible.

  • When you have washed your hands make sure you rinse well.  Many of the anti-bacterial soaps we are currently using can have ingredients in that add to the drying effects on the skin.  Rinse that stuff and the virus away and down the sink!
  • Dry thoroughly.  So that you can keep your hands as nourished as possible, dry well with a soft towel.
  •  Apply a quality hand lotion to your hands whenever you wash or at least 2-3 times a day to help restore the oils or lipids in your hands.   Lipids keep your skin plumped and help maintain that youthful look.  If you do the pinch test on the back of your hand and your skin stays where you pinched it, then you need more oils in your skin!   We recommend Dadi-Lotion Hand & Body Lotion by Famous Names or Tranquillity Hand Cream by [comfort zone].
  •  Cuticles, cuticles, cuticles!  Oil, oil, oil!  This tiny area of the finger and nail is the first to show signs of the stresses the hands are put under by splitting and even creating hangnails.  Regular oiling with cuticle oil will help keep it in good condition and recover from the impacts of drying products, overwork and picking or biting (I’m guilty of this – old habits are hard to kick especially with no acrylics on to stop me).  Apply oil at least once a day and preferably at night so that your body can work its magic overnight.  What everyone refers to as cuticle is really the lateral nail fold and is a seal to protect the internal gubbins of your nail growth area called the matrix.  The real cuticle is the very thin stuff that grows out underneath this area (science lesson over).  Over time it’s become known as cuticle as an easier description and even some professionals don’t realise the difference.   Whatever you want to call it make sure you oil it!
  •  File your nails.  This sounds like obvious advice, but for many clients filing has become something they don’t do and something that we do for you.  Regular filing once or twice a week will keep your nails in trim and keep them from getting too long and breaking.  Our natural nail wooden files from Artistic provide a great smooth feeling that is intended to protect your nail.  Remember don’t see-saw on your nails and file in one direction.  We would recommend from side to centre on one side, then side to centre on the other side finally neatening the centre gently in one direction.
  •  The optimum time for cream or oil absorption is overnight and if you apply your cuticle oil and hand lotion at this time you can increase the absorption rate while the body rests from its day’s work.  You can increase this further by adding a thicker layer of lotion and popping a pair of cotton gloves on overnight.
  •  Finally, to give your nails a little extra protection whilst you can’t get your gels or acrylics done, try using a nail treatment like OPI Nail Envy or a regular clear polish just for a layer of protection unless you want to push the boat out and get all those bottles of polish out!

Most of all have some fun with doing your nails and look after them until we can again

10 reasons why having a monthly facial is good for you

10 reasons why having a monthly facial is good for you

For many people a facial is a luxury treatment that is a birthday treat or an occasional thing to have and do not realise the benefits that a professional facial can provide.

As professional therapists, it is our responsibility to help you discover the great things that regular facials can do for you and your skin.  Most women and men decide to book a facial when they have something that concerns them, maybe pigmentation, a change to their skin i.e. over oily or dryness or perhaps they have special occasion looming that they want to look their best for.  As therapists, this is what we see happen regularly, however for a lot of clients if facials were a regular part of their routine this would get noted in the early stages of the change and advice and corrective treatments can be brought in before things go too far.  Good homecare systems are important too and when working with a facial specialist it is always worth investing in the products used during your treatments to continue the good work at home.

With the economy having been hit hard over the last decade we appreciate that a monthly facial may feel opulent or too excessive. Injectables in the UK have been increasing hugely, and a lot of people are opting for quick fixes and will spend hundreds of pounds on fillers and muscle fixing treatments on a regular basis.  However, if you utilise your local facial therapist you could get similar results without the need for invasive treatments.

Today’s world is a place of filters and fake imagery and this is leading to many women (some  guys too) to have false expectations and hopes placed upon their skin requirements.  Your face is always on show and when it doesn’t feel or look right it can have a big effect on you as a person.   Investing in your skin has a value that can give a better return for your emotional wellbeing than some other purchases you could make such as clothes, holidays etc.  Each facial gives you a little time out in a world of tranquillity and can make you feel a million dollars.  When you leave the salon after a good facial you will float home with your skin feeling great.

At Gorgeous we can tailor-make your facial after a full consultation. The range of facials we offer go from prescriptive facials for dry, sensitive, imbalanced, acne reducing or environmentally stressed skin through to our anti-ageing and advanced level facials such as Crystal Clear or Icon Ultralift (non-surgical face lifting). With our senior facialists we can also add non-surgical face lifting, firming & toning elements to the treatment.  This, along with the beautiful [ comfort zone ] products and systems, make our facials stand out.

In an ideal world all of us would have facials every month, however we know this isn’t possible for everybody.  Some of our facial clients that are working on specific conditions like pigmentation or beginning our Wrinkle Reduction Programme will need an initial course of weekly treatments before going onto maintain the results monthly.

As a quick science lesson, we recommend regular facials so that the surface layer of your skin (stratum corneum) gets a bit of help being renewed.  This happens every 28 days naturally and the dead cells are pushed to the surface.  The reason behind getting monthly facials is that your stratum corneum (the outermost layer of visible skin) will completely renew itself approximately every 28 days. When you receive a facial the top layer of cells improves and as the new cells grow they copy the top cells so if they are in better condition this will mean over time your skin condition will improve.  Great homecare and following your aftercare advice will also boost this process so when you have combined facials and homecare the results will be quicker and more effective.

Aside from just feeling like heaven, here are our top 10 reasons why you should come in to Gorgeous Nail & Beauty Emporium for monthly facials:

Reason 1:

A 60-minute facial will not give you miracle results, but when you do them regularly, they will give you a fresher and healthier complexion that is better balanced and you’ll find you get more comments from those around you on how great your skin looks.

Reason 2:

The ageing process can be slowed by having regular facials.  This is to do with the resurfacing benefits that come with regular facials.  Some of our facials can work to prevent and improve the visible signs of ageing.  We can provide you with a Wrinkle Reduction Program to reduce fine lines and improve dehydrated skin.  The elements of exfoliation, massage, and use of antioxidants, facials can also reverse aging.  Everybody’s skin will mature and show signs of age, but monthly facials and good homecare can keep you looking rejuvenated, hydrated and glowing for longer.

Reason 3:

Some of our facials offer a deeper exfoliation than is available in homecare products and so the results of professional treatments allow better absorption of products, better hydration and better collagen production as well a few other things too.

Reason 4:

Collagen production is increased through good facials as well as the massage included in them.  Our Sublime Skin range actively supports and protects collagen production allowing a better look and feel for your skin.

Reason 5:

Laying on our bed to receive your facial gives you time to relax.  They can work holistically giving your mind, body and spirit a lift.   With the added massage elements that are included in our facials you will leave feeling emotionally lighter and less stressed as a bonus to your new glowing skin.

Reason 6:

The massage elements, again, work their wonders on improving your circulation.  This brings more oxygen, healthy cell renewal and will stimulate and speed up the processes we have already discussed.

Reason 7:

Think of your facial as a waste removing process.  Fluid and toxins can build in the underlying tissues and skin and through the products used and the massage techniques a facial can reduce puffiness and fluid and improve a ruddy complexion through detoxifying your skin.

Reason 8:

For many of us, we don’t do a deep clean on our skin regularly enough and you should view coming for a facial a bit like visiting the hygienist at the dentist.  Our pores get quite blocked over time and without regular exfoliation an oilier skin can become more prone to acne conditions.  Larger, open pores can be a sign of this and regular exfoliation and extraction by a professional can reduce the size of the pores.  Home extraction can lead to scarring so please leave it to a professional.

Reason 9:

Attending your facial appointment allows us to guide you with product choices and homecare.  When and how to exfoliate and what a good product is to help keep your skin renewal up at home.  So many women, and increasingly men, have pots, jars and bottles of unused skincare products sitting on a shelf due to not understanding their skin or the product.

Reason 10:

Advanced facials can remove pigmentation and dark spots through product or machine-based treatments.  A good facial can bring an evenness of tone to your face and can reduce redness to improve the appearance of your skin.

Want to know more about facials? read The Gorgeous Guide to facials or click below to book a facial with us in our Bexley salon.

The Gorgeous Guide to Facials

The Gorgeous Guide to Facials

When you choose to invest in your skin there are a lot of things to consider and if you’re not a skin specialist it can all seem to be ever-changing and confusing.  Don’t forget, skincare isn’t just for the ladies and we offer a full facial service for the gentlemen too (a clean shave is required prior is all).

There are a multitude of facial treatments and you need to work out what your objective is.   There are 3 main reasons that people have facials:

  • Just wanting a relax and a pamper occasionally
  • Managing or reducing a particular area of concern such as dull, or tired skin, acne, scarring, pigmentation or open pores.
  • Anti-ageing. For many women and men in today’s world the visible signs of ageing are of concern.  The world of anti-ageing products is vast and not always easy to navigate so professional advice on the best treatments and products is often the best way to proceed.

If you’re still not sure, then let us know and we can discuss your questions and requirements. Sometimes, you may be wanting a facial for a combination of problems, or there’s another reason. Professional therapists can cater for all requirements with a friendly consultation and bespoke treatment plans.

Looking after your skin requires an investment; however, the support and advice by professional therapists can often save you money in the long-term so that you aren’t buying inappropriate products.

We can provide courses of treatments that offer increased value and we also have tailor-made Skincare Solution Packages with treatments and products all rolled into one price.   We can offer Wrinkle Reduction or Toning Programmes specifically tailored to your skin using different techniques, products and equipment.

Types of Product Based Facial

Prescriptive Facial – this is an entry level facial and works with your skin type, i.e. oily, dry, sensitive.  It is a relaxing facial and includes a cleanse, gentle exfoliation, tone, mask, massage, serums & moisturisers.  Great for regular treatments and to work with how your skin is on a daily basis.  Our prescriptive facials include Hydrating, Remedy (Sensitive), Nourishing and Active Pureness.

Great for Rejuvenating, Protecting, Calming, Nourishing, Oil & Sebum Control, Smoothing, Relaxation, Supporting Skin Barrier

Anti-Ageing Facial – these treatments use advanced products that are aimed to work at a deeper level in the skin.  They work to plump, firm and tighten skin to reduce the visible signs of ageing.  With professionally advised home-care products the effects may be accumulative and they can extend your line free or reduced years.  Our Anti-Ageing facials include Sublime Double Peel, Sublime Active Lift and Sublime Deluxe Lift.

Aesthetic/Advanced Facial/Body Treatments – For some clients an advanced level facial or body treatment may be chosen to work on different issues and we offer two systems.  Great for Rejuvenation, Brightening, Plumping, Collagen Production, Anti-Ageing, Wrinkle Reduction, Illumination, Glow, Smoothing, Supporting the Skin Barrier.

Crystal Clear Microdermabrasion which works on pigmentation, scarring, open pores and signs of ageing using microfine crystals on the face or areas of concern on the body.   The crystals are delivered by a high-powered machine and removed via a vacuum method that runs at the same time.  There is a minor down-time of 24-72 hours post-treatment and you will have reddening of the skin for a short period of time with a requirement for mineral only make up and UV protection for 72 hours.  This treatment is highly effective for anti-ageing, pigmentation and scarring and, if working on specific areas of concern, weekly treatments are recommended initially.

Great for Rejuvenation, Anti-Ageing, Pigmentation, Scarring, Brightening, Reducing Pore Size, Collagen Production, Wrinkle Reduction, Glow, Smoothing

Icon Ultralift is an electrical machine working with faradic and galvanic currents.  Known as the Non-Surgical Face Lift Icon will lift and firm all skin types.  During the treatment you will experience a similar feeling to a TENS or Slendertone machine, but gentler for the face while the currents firm and tone the facial muscles to provide a visible lift to the face and neck areas.  Icon Ultralift also allows us to carry out No Needle Mesotherapy as it pushes product deep in the skin structure thus enhancing any product benefits.  To get the best benefit from this treatment we would always recommend a course of weekly treatments initially to re-educate your facial muscles followed by maintenance treatments on a monthly basis.  Icon is like a gym workout for your facial muscles, and just like

Great for Rejuvenation, Anti-Ageing, Reducing Pore Size, Toning, Firming, Wrinkle Reduction

10 Reasons why you should get regular facials: Read More

What to expect

  • If this is your first visit or your first facial with us, you will be required to complete client record and consultation cards so please arrive on time to do this.
  • We need you to notify us of any allergies or medications you are currently taking.
  • Many of our facials include a massage of the neck & shoulders, arms and hands and feet. These are not compulsory and if you don’t want to have one or more of these elements just let us know and we can adapt to your requirements.
  • We would recommend comfortable clothing for your bottom half as you will be on our bed for about 45 mins to 1hr 15 depending on your choice of treatments. We won’t be offended if you want to be just in your briefs under the covers.  The more comfortable you are the more beneficial your treatment will be.
  • We will leave you in the treatment room to prepare for your facial and return in a few minutes.
  • We always knock to check you’re ready. You will need to undress down to the waist, a strapless bra can be worn if you wish.
  • We will provide you with covers and blankets and in the cold weather and even have the bed heated for you. You won’t be undressed in front of your Therapist.
  • We recommend you relax and close your eyes and although talking is not forbidden, we would recommend you take the opportunity to refrain from chatting all the way through as it detracts from your treatment. Of course, should something become uncomfortable you should let us know immediately.
  • Your therapist will let you know what is about to happen as you go through the treatment, as we appreciate having your eyes closed and not knowing can lead you to feel a little vulnerable.
  • At the end of the treatment we will leave you to reawaken whilst we get you a glass of water. If you have any questions,please ask and should you wish to benefit from home-care your therapist will be able to advise on the most appropriate products for your requirements.
  • We’ll then leave you to redress and see you in Reception. We always allow a little extra time at the end of our treatments so you don’t have to feel rushed to leave the room.

Things to Remember

  • You will need to have your eyes closed so if you usually wear contact lenses, please wear glasses for your facial.
  • We advise arriving with make-up free skin, if possible, as we will need to remove your facial make-up and if it’s heavy make-up this will eat into your treatment time.
  • If you have a cold sore, contagious skin problem or a cold/flu then please reschedule.
  • If you are using retinol-based products, please abstain for a couple of days before and after your facial. This is important if you are having any type of deep exfoliation treatment such as our Sublime Double Peel, Deluxe Lift or Crystal Clear Microdermabrasion.
  • Wearing make-up straight after your facial won’t allow your skin to deal with the benefits of the facial. If you’ve had a deep exfoliation, we would recommend that you wear only mineral make-up for 48-72 hours after your facial.
  • Do tell us if you have a skin condition even if mild. For example, cystic acne, as if you are medicated with Roaccutane we will not be able to work with you until you are clear of the medication for a set period of time.
  • Don’t think you need to come every week for a facial. For most clients facial treatments 4 weekly is perfect.  Some treatments are recommended with shorter gaps, but we will advise if this is necessary and weekly treatments are only advised when we are targeting intensely with a treatment like Crystal Clear Microdermabrasion.
  • No sunbeds or sunbathing before or after a facial and no spray tans and waxing after facial treatment. After some facials this can put you at greater risk of UV damage. Avoid the gym, heavy exercise, steam and sauna for 24 hours.
  • Do tell us if you think you could be pregnant as some facials (along with some other treatments) are not advised during pregnancy. Even if you aren’t telling anyone before your 12 weeks, please just say “I could be pregnant”.  We won’t tell a soul and “could be” is enough for us not to perform the treatment.
8 ways to reduce the stress in your life

8 ways to reduce the stress in your life

Many of us see stress as a part of everyday life, but it doesn’t have to be. Stress can affect our lives in many ways and if left unmanaged, can also lead to health problems. Stress can affect everyone differently, and how we manage it can be stressful. With the busy lives we all lead in modern times, taking time for yourself to heal and relax can be tough, so here are a few tips to help reduce your stress levels.


If you’ve ever been to a massage therapist, you’ll be familiar with the pleasant sensations and relaxing sounds of a soothing soundtrack, relaxing smells and a general feeling of wellbeing. Massage can have wonderful effects on your body and mind.


Going for a brisk walk can metabolize the excessive stress hormones and restore your body and mind to a calmer, more relaxed state. Try to include some exercise into your daily routine on a regular basis, either before or after work, or at lunchtime, this will also improve the quality of your sleep.

Take time out:

If you’re ill, you need to rest and recuperate, a short spell of recovery will help you deal with life better than carrying on and possibly make yourself worse.

Try meditation:

There are many apps these days that can help with this if you’re new to relaxation techniques such as meditation. Just 5 mins in a quiet space to relax and reflect might be all you need to recharge and calm yourself.


Many smokers tend to light up to help with a stressful situation, but in fact, nicotine is a stimulant, just like alcohol, so can increase your stress levels rather than reduce them

Take control:

How you react to a situation can be stressful, if you are faced with a problem that seems overwhelming, try writing it down, make a list of solutions and the good and bad points they have, then then make a plan with smaller tasks to help the problem become more manageable.

Talk to someone:

Sometimes, all we need is a good rant to a close friend and their reassurance that everything is going to be ok.

Accept the things you can’t change:

Changing a difficult situation isn’t always possible. Try to concentrate on the things you do have control over.

If you would like to talk to someone about anxiety or mental health, visit Mind, the mental health charity, where you will find advice online, a telephone number to call and information and stories on coping.