Aftercare Guide


For nail polish treatments please remember that it takes time to dry and if you are having a Pedicure please bring flip flops or similar.
How to Get the Most from Your Natural Nail Treatment
Following your manicure or pedicure your nails will benefit from good homecare as well as continuing with regular manicures/pedicures (every 2-4 weeks). As your natural nail grows it will need continuous care and nourishment. Occasionally you may find that you break a nail, don’t be disheartened, our technicians are trained to fit nail extensions or wraps that look very natural.
IBX use is recommended for weak, flaking nails and if you have vertical splits, grooves or dryness it can help to recondition your nails from the inside out. It’s like a hug for your nail structure. NOTE: If you have ever been sensitive to any nail enhancement product or have an avocado or latex allergy, IBX cannot be applied.
We cannot guarantee improvement in the condition of your nails; however, regular manicures/pedicures will help to encourage healthy nail growth and with good homecare most clients see a good improvement.

To protect your natural nails:
• Use the pads of your fingers on switches and use the end of a pen on a telephone or calculator. Try to pick things up with the sides or pads of your fingers.
• Please return regularly for manicures / pedicures.
• We advise wearing of gloves for housework or gardening. If you need to remove your polish, please use non-acetone nail polish remover.
• Polishes are available to purchase so you can maintain your colour at home.
• To keep your nails and hands looking great apply cuticle oil & hand cream daily.
These products, as well as nail strengtheners, files and buffers are available to purchase from Gorgeous Nail & Beauty Emporium.
If you have any questions or concerns or any reactions such as redness or itchy skin (although this is very rare), please contact us immediately.

How to Get the Best from Your Nail Enhancements
We want you to be happy with your nail treatment, we also want them to be long-lasting and stay looking beautiful. We’ve put together some easy to follow steps to help you make this happen. All the Gorgeous team are fully qualified nail technicians with many years’ experience and so we always recommend that you tell us what you want to achieve, and we will do our best to work to the same goal with your natural nail condition at the heart of our advice.

Getting Used to Your Nail Enhancements
Make sure you book a regular maintenance appointment with your nail technician. It’s a good idea to book a series of appointments at once, try to book the same day, same time every two weeks. Don’t bite or pick your nail enhancements, this can lead to weakening and breakage. If you notice your nail enhancement lifting, don’t pull or pick at it. But, also, don’t ignore it. Return to the salon for a repair as soon as possible. If you’re used to wearing your nails short, nail enhancements may take some time getting used to. Gradually you will get into the habit of using your hands in a different way and the nail enhancements will start to feel as natural as your own nails.

Around the House
Wear rubber gloves when you wash up or clean. Harsh detergents will make your nail enhancements brittle and more prone to breakage and if you are wearing gel polish too much cleaning and associated products can compromise the gel. Treat your nail extensions with care. Car doors, kitchen cupboards and switches can all cause breakages. When wearing nail extensions always avoid pulling backwards against the tips of the nails; this could cause injury or breakage. So, don’t pull your laundry out of the washer with your nails!

How Can I Keep my Nail Enhancements in Great Condition?
If you have any nail enhancement we always recommend an initial 2 week maintenance appointment to ensure that your length is kept manageable as overgrown nails can lead to lift of product, loss of extensions and damage to your natural nails. The maximum we advise is 3 weeks if you have slow growth, beyond this you are putting your natural nails at risk in most cases.
It’s important to use cuticle oil daily. Massage it into your nail, soft tissues and cuticles. It will keep enhancements flexible, prolong their life and reduce the risk of breakage for extensions. Invest in a quality petroleum-free and lanolin-free hand lotion that will penetrate the skin and your nail enhancements. If you have nail polish as a finish, always use a non-acetone remover. If you need to remove your nail enhancements, you should return to the salon. We will be able to remove the nail enhancements safely with a professional product remover and restore the moisture levels and condition to the natural nails.

Reactions to Nail Enhancement Products
Whilst we offer several hypoallergenic nail lines in salon, in today’s world of chemicals and enhancement it is not unusual to hear of people with sensitivity and allergies. Nail products are no different and if you experience any redness, itchy skin or swelling around the area where we have applied nail products please contact us immediately. While it is rare for this to occur, if it does, you will need the product removed immediately. Also, remember hypoallergenic does not mean it WILL NOT cause allergy it just means it is LESS LIKELY to.

Removal of Nail Extensions & Gel Polish
Please return to Gorgeous Nail & Beauty Emporium to have your nail enhancements removed professionally if you only require them for a special occasion. We will ensure they are removed safely and return your natural nails to their best condition using professional methods.

• Rebook to get the maximum benefit from your wax and your waxing future. We recommend 4 weekly wax appointments initially, but after time you will find that you can probably extend to 5 weeks or more.
• Do not do use steam, sauna or jacuzzi for 24-48 hours. Your follicles will be open after waxing and you can be prone to picking up infection or causing inflammation.
• Avoid vigorous exercise.
• Avoid heat and friction on waxed areas for 48 hours.
• Exfoliate regularly (once a week should be fine). Avoid over exfoliating as this can lead to rashes particularly on the legs
• Don’t shave or use other depilatory methods between waxing. If you can’t wait, move your appointment slightly earlier initially until you get your hair growing in the same cycle.
• If you find you’re prone to ingrown hairs let us know as we have products that can help prevent and reduce them.


Booking your appointment
If you’re not sure what to book, please ask. You can book online, in person or on the phone. If you have questions you can also email, and we’ll go through the whole shebang with you. But for a quick guide Hollywood is all bare down there and Brazilian will leave you hair at the front only with complete clearance underneath from front to back. Different shapes are available and can be discussed at your appointment.

What wax do we use? Is it painful?
We only use quality hot waxes for our intimate waxing. You won’t see any strip wax in your treatment. The hot wax we use is by a company called Lycon and it is designed for intimate waxing. We use a pre-wax oil to shield your skin and the wax shrink wraps around the hair- this means that when we remove the wax it grips only to the hair and not the skin. This gives you a reduction in waxing pain of 50%!!

What do I do before my wax?
If you do a Hollywood shave or depilation, let it grow! If it’s your first wax or it’s been a while, trim your hair. About the length of a grain of Basmati rice is perfect. Too long and it can lead to a less comfortable wax, too short and it means we may not be able to remove all the hair.
Have a bath or a shower, not only will this cleanse the area to be waxed it’ll help relax you a little bit too.

Arrival at the salon
When you arrive at the salon, you’ll need to complete our client registration if you are a new client, but if you’ve been before you’ll be checked in and taken through to your treatment room. Your therapist will accompany you and go through your treatment. Here’s the heads up on what will happen.

• You’ll be asked to disrobe or undress on your lower half once we’ve left the room. We do work with no knickers for Brazilians and Hollywoods as we find this gives you a more efficient wax and a better finish. For Bikini and G-String waxes knickers remain in place as we use them for a guide to your waxing area. Disposable briefs are available if you require them.
• We’ll ask you to cleanse your intimate area with the wipes provided and deposit the wipe in the bin afterwards.
• You’ll be asked to lay on our comfy couch and a towel will be provided for you to cover your modesty before we return to the room.
• When we return to the room, we will wash our hands, put on nitrile gloves and make sure you’re comfortable and ready to proceed and you’ll be asked to put your legs in a frog position.
• We will then bring the towel back and commence your treatment. If you’d like a towel to hide under, we can provide you with one, but we can almost guarantee that after a few minutes it’ll feel perfectly normal to have someone working on your intimate area. We are a friendly bunch and enjoy a chat, so it can be quite a laugh sometimes.
• Don’t forget to breathe! It makes a lot of difference as if you are holding your breath waiting for the worst, it tenses your body and can make the experience less comfortable. We know it’s difficult for first timers, relax as much as you can and let us do the work.
• We use pre-wax cleansers and oils and then we will begin waxing. We always work through from bikini wax to G-string wax to Brazilian and lastly Hollywood and we are happy to stop treatment at an appropriate point if you decide you’ve changed your mind.
• You will remain in frog or smear test position for the first part of the wax which goes from your perineum (bit between your vagina and your bum) to the top of the front.
• For the back section we will usually ask you to pull your legs up to your tummy. If for any reason this isn’t possible, we have other tricks up our sleeves to allow removal of hair from your rear area.
• Once this is complete, we will cleanse and apply soothing cream to the area.
• Lastly, we lower your towel to cover your modesty and run through your aftercare.
• Intimate waxing takes between 25-45 mins, the longer you’ve been waxing, the less time it takes. First timers can sometimes take slightly longer, but we are usually under 45 mins.

That’s it! It’s over!!
Now you just need to follow your aftercare ….
• Rebook to get the maximum benefit from your wax and your waxing future. We recommend 4 weekly wax appointments initially, but after time you will find that you can probably extend to 5 weeks or more.
• Do not do use steam, sauna or jacuzzi for 24-48 hours. Your follicles will be open after waxing and you can be prone to picking up infection or causing inflammation.
• Avoid vigorous exercise.
• No horse-riding or any other kind of intimate area action for 24-48 hours.
• Exfoliate regularly (once a week should be fine)
• Don’t shave or use other depilatory methods between waxing. If you can’t wait, move your appointment slightly earlier initially until you get your hair growing in the same cycle.
• If you find you’re prone to ingrown hairs let us know as we have products that can help prevent and reduce them.

It is important to make sure you have followed pre-tan advice to enhance your spray tan and to maximise your investment.
The day before:
• You should shower, exfoliate and moisturise with a non-oil based moisturising cream or lotion
• Carry out any hair removal or waxing that you require to allow your pores to reclose prior to spray tan application
Treatment Day:
• Decide how light or dark you want to be.
*Suntana Coconut – Light Tan 8% – Similar to a week in your garden
* Suntana Cherry – Medium Tan 10% – Similar to a week in the Mediterranean
* Suntana Chocolate – Dark Tan 12% – Similar to 1 week in the Caribbean
* Suntana Blackberry – Very Dark Tan 14% – Similar to 2 weeks in the Caribbean
* Suntana Strawberry – RAPID TAN – Develops from Light to Dark from 1 -5 hrs
• You should shower and exfoliate. This will provide the final preparation to your spray tan.
• DO NOT APPLY DEODORANT OR PERFUME. These products could react with the tanning solution and may cause colour variance in these areas.
• DO NOT APPLY FOUNDATION OR MAKE UP on facial skin if you require tanning in this area.
• For all over tanning client should wear a bikini, bra and pants or bikini/pant bottoms or if you want a truly all over tan, we can do that too.
• Disposable underwear is available on request.
• For partial tans clients should wear clothing that allows access to the areas which require tanning.
• Wear loose fitting dark clothing. Don’t wear expensive or tight & clingy clothing as you may find the tan rubs off on them and you could spoil your clothes and your tan.
• Wear open shoes or flip flops – this will prevent excess wear on your feet and avoid white marks. Unless it’s raining then wear something loose that covers your feet.
• Tanning solution may in some cases stain your clothing although it is rarely permanent.
• If it’s raining bring an umbrella! Rain spots aren’t pretty on a developed tan. ?

Aftercare is an important part of body therapy. It aids the body to rebalance following a treatment and if the guidance is not applied then the body will not fully benefit from the treatment that you have invested in and enjoyed.

Before Treatment
Don’t have a heavy meal or any alcohol or stimulants. This can divert the body from working with the massage techniques and lead to nausea or headaches. Don’t worry if you’ve not had your leg wax or you need a pedicure, we won’t be offended. The only thing we ask is that you arrive with a clean body.
Normal daily intakes should be around 8 glasses or 2 litres. This should be increased after a treatment. Dehydration of the body can trigger headaches, lethargy and digestive problems.
Eat Light Meal
Only have light meals for several hours after, if possible, for the rest of the day. Your body will be working to cleanse itself and detoxify and if you eat a heavy meal this will distract your body from the cleansing process and may make you feel nauseous.
Rest and Exercise
If your body is telling you to sit down following treatment, do so. Body therapies carry on working internally for several days following a treatment and may have a physical effect during this time. Only take very gentle exercise after a treatment as vigorous exercise may cause you to feel nauseous. Should you require assistance with relaxation techniques please ask.
Avoid Stimulants
Try to avoid stimulants such as tea, coffee, alcohol and nicotine as this will aid your body to detoxify. Try fruit or herbal infusions.
Do not bath or shower for the rest of the day. This allows the oils to penetrate your skin and gives them the best possibility of working to your advantage
Body Massage
You may feel more muscle soreness with this massage therapy as the work on the muscle tissue is deeper and firmer and more stimulating thus releasing lactic acid.
• Energised
• Tired
• Emotionally high
• Nauseous
• Emotionally low
• Need to urinate more
• Cold symptoms
• Aches/Pains
All of these are perfectly normal following a treatment and are a sign that your body is rebalancing itself to a positive end. It is not uncommon for these effects to last for 3 to 4 days after treatment. If you have any concerns, please feel free to ask.

If possible, please attend with bare lashes that are completely free of mascara and please try to avoid wearing facial make-up as it can cause issues with the protective pads slipping from their position and causing your upper and lower lashes to stick together during treatment.
To maintain your lashes and maximise your investment, please follow the advice below:
• DO keep your lashes extensions or lifted lashes DRY for 24 hours. This allows the glues to fully bond and for the lifted lashes to settle. Sauna, steam and swimming should be avoided during this period.
• We strongly recommend that you do not use any type of mascara whilst wearing lash extensions, and we would recommend an in-salon purchase of our lash protective serums if you wish to enhance or protect your lashes. These products will help maintain your lashes by adding a clear water-based layer over the glue bonds.
• Water-soluble mascara or a mascara specifically designed for lash extensions should be used.
• Do NOT use waterproof mascara on your lashes this can lead to your lashes becoming congealed or to being lost due to the removal products needed to remove this style of mascara.
• DO use cotton pads/buds to remove makeup by working gently around the lashes.
• Do NOT use oil-based cleansers, make up removers or moisturisers around your eyes as they will weaken the glue bonds that hold the lashes to your own.
• It is natural to lose lashes over time and you will find that you usually lose from one more if you are a side sleeper.
• The lashes will last around 3-4 weeks unmaintained before they begin to look straggly.
• Do NOT rub your eyes, instead you should try to gently pat your eyes which in turn will lessen the aging effects that are caused by dragging the skin.
• Do NOT pull your lash extensions off as this may cause considerable losses to your own lashes and can give a patchy lash line. Please book for a professional removal.
• We do provide you with a mascara wand and recommend that you brush your lashes through daily.
• We also supply a complimentary lash cleansing brush with each set of full lashes and recommend using this every couple of days with a drop of baby shampoo mixed with water to ensure that your lashes are clean. DO NOT DO THIS FOR 72 HOURS AFTER TREATMENT.
• Do NOT perm or tint the lash extensions.
• Do NOT use lash curlers on your lash extensions.
• DO ensure you book your lash refill for 2-3 weeks from initial application. Our standard infill appointment is 45 minutes. If you have had a bigger than usual shed of lashes, please let us know so we can allocate an extra 15 minutes to your appointment. There will be an increase in cost for the extra time.
• Look after your own lashes and make sure you book for your maintenance or professional removal.
• Although we carry out patch tests prior to your first treatment, you may still have a reaction, and should this occur you should notify us and seek medical advice from pharmacy or your GP.

• Please attend for your appointment mascara and eyeliner free.
• For 24 hours post treatment, please avoid heat, steam (including when cooking), saunas, swimming and shower water.
• No oils, lotions, creams, shampoos, face washes, makeup remover wipes or pads on lashes.
• We recommend that you do not apply any products or mascaras to your lashes immediately for 24 hours after your lift.
• If you’ve had a lash tint as part of your treatment, avoid strong sunlight for the rest of the day, as this can lead to a fade of the tint.
• Try to comb your lashes upwards daily.
• Use our recommended oil serum 2 x daily to improve lash condition and enhance length.
• The chemicals used to create the lift may cause your lashes to remain malleable (shapeshifting) for a while after and so if you sleep on your side or on your front you may notice a raise or drop in lashes that are affected by your sleep position. If you can, especially on the first night, try and be a back sleeper.
• Although we carry out patch tests prior to your first treatment, you may still have a reaction, and should this occur you should notify us and seek medical advice from pharmacy or your GP.

To get the best value from your facial please try to arrive with bare skin. If this is not possible, we can remove your make-up for you of course, but heavy foundation removal may take time from your treatment.
If you use any active ingredient skin care such as Vitamin A, Retinols etc. please do not use them for 72 hours before or after treatment. Some treatments cannot be carried out if you have used them and we may have to reschedule or change treatment type.
If you are using Roaccutane you must notify us before treatment as we cannot offer facials when you are using this product or for several months post treatment.
If you have had Botox or Fillers, please notify us at the point of booking as again, some facials are not compatible with these injectables.

• We recommend giving your skin a rest from traditional crème make-up for 6-12 hours. Mineral make-ups are fine.
• Cleanse, tone and moisturise your skin on a daily basis and remove your make-up before you retire for the night.
• Your therapist will recommend daily care products and to support your skin between facials you should follow the recommended plan.
• Always wear SPF 30 as a minimum to protect your skin from sun damage.
• No steam, saunas or heat treatments for 24 hours to allow your skin to absorb the products and work with their benefits.
• No exfoliation for 5-7 days.
• We are always available for questions and advice and should you require homecare products we can recommend suitable products to suit your skin type and lifestyle.
• Avoid any facial waxing for 24 hours before and after treatment.

• Ensure you wear a minimum SPF 30 for 72 hours as your surface layer is vulnerable following treatment and you are likely to have sun damage should you not use appropriate protection.
• Do NOT use any Vitamin A, Retinols or active anti-ageing ingredients on treated skin for 72 hours.
• Do NOT exfoliate your skin for a minimum of 5-7 days.
• Keep out of direct sunlight.
• Do not wear non-mineral make-up for 48 hours.


Skin Tags
These turn black at the base and drop off over a period of one to six weeks. Some skin tags may need a second freeze.
If the area does become tender please use Savlon, Sudocream or Germolene twice a day and a plaster can be used to cover the area.
May need more than one treatment. It is recommended, if they remain, that warts and verrucae may be retreated after 4 weeks following your first treatment. There is no specific aftercare, apart from if the wart or verruca becomes tender or blisters please use Savlon, Sudocream or Germolene twice a day and a plaster can be used to cover the area.
As these are superficial keratin filled epidermal cysts these normally flatten and disappear with Cryotherapy. There is no need to do anything other than follow the advice for blisters if one appears.
Pigmentation/Cherry Angiomas
The treated area may become raised, slightly inflamed and look like a bee sting. This is perfectly normal; it will go down in a few hours. Over the next 24 hours the area will go darker and create a small crust on the surface- do not pick this off. When it naturally falls off you will see new skin (shiny pink) and this is not scarring. It will re-pigment over the following weeks.
General healing expectations
If the small crust has not fallen off after four weeks, please wait until it has done before contacting us. Skin sometimes takes longer to regenerate.
If the skin being treated is tanned, please remember it will remove the tan and re pigment to the original skin colour.
Any treatments that do not heal after six weeks should be reviewed by your doctor or dermatologist.
If your immune system is in any way compromised, this may affect healing or possibly mean that the area treated may need further treatment. This may be as a result of a condition that you are not actually aware of or that has been formally medically diagnosed.
How to look after your treated area
Please use a sunblock UVA and UVB (Minimum factor 50) on any pigmentation removal until it has re-pigmented, this may take up to eight weeks. Do not pick the area.
You can continue to use make-up, deodorants or perfumes on treated areas, but try and leave for as long as possible post-treatment.

Pre-Care Advice
• Do not drink alcohol for 48 hours prior to treatment.
• Do not have a heavy meal before the treatment.
• Do not book a treatment before a big night out or when you know you will be around alcohol. Your liver needs to process the products used in your wrap and also break down the toxins from either a wrap or from cavitation.
Post-Care Advice
• If you have had a wrap do not shower or bathe for up to 24 hours to allow the products to fully absorb and do their work.
• Do not do any heavy exercise, a gentle walk is enough post treatment.
• Do not drink alcohol for 48 hours to allow the liver to process the effects of the treatment.
• Do not eat a heavy meal.
• Try to continue eating healthily and improving your lifestyle to maintain the losses you have made.
• We cannot guarantee that your losses will remain as without your commitment to a change in lifestyle the results of the wraps and cavitation will be temporary.