We are currently going through an extreme situation and are unable to go about or normal day to day lives and so our appointments for all things nails and beauty are on hold.  At Gorgeous where we could we removed all client enhancements and gels so that we saved as many clients as possible from the ill-advised practice of picking, peeling, chewing their products off and where we couldn’t get people in before the lockdown, we’ve offered videos on home removal.

We’re now in the fifth week of staying home and although this means that the intense handwashing has lessened as we are out in the infection zones much, much less, we are still touching things entering our homes and for many of us we are still heading to shops and running essential errands thus meaning more hand-washing than normal.  Others of us have taken up the sandpaper and paint brushes or cleaning products and dusters and are tackling jobs in our homes that we’ve not had time to do for years!

All this activity causes a reduction in the oils in the skin covering your hands and fingers.  Whilst we’re living our alternative lives under the threat of Coronavirus or COVID-19, here’s our TOP 7 TIPS FOR HAND CARE to ensure your hands stay as well looked-after as possible.

  • When you have washed your hands make sure you rinse well.  Many of the anti-bacterial soaps we are currently using can have ingredients in that add to the drying effects on the skin.  Rinse that stuff and the virus away and down the sink!
  • Dry thoroughly.  So that you can keep your hands as nourished as possible, dry well with a soft towel.
  •  Apply a quality hand lotion to your hands whenever you wash or at least 2-3 times a day to help restore the oils or lipids in your hands.   Lipids keep your skin plumped and help maintain that youthful look.  If you do the pinch test on the back of your hand and your skin stays where you pinched it, then you need more oils in your skin!   We recommend Dadi-Lotion Hand & Body Lotion by Famous Names or Tranquillity Hand Cream by [comfort zone].
  •  Cuticles, cuticles, cuticles!  Oil, oil, oil!  This tiny area of the finger and nail is the first to show signs of the stresses the hands are put under by splitting and even creating hangnails.  Regular oiling with cuticle oil will help keep it in good condition and recover from the impacts of drying products, overwork and picking or biting (I’m guilty of this – old habits are hard to kick especially with no acrylics on to stop me).  Apply oil at least once a day and preferably at night so that your body can work its magic overnight.  What everyone refers to as cuticle is really the lateral nail fold and is a seal to protect the internal gubbins of your nail growth area called the matrix.  The real cuticle is the very thin stuff that grows out underneath this area (science lesson over).  Over time it’s become known as cuticle as an easier description and even some professionals don’t realise the difference.   Whatever you want to call it make sure you oil it!
  •  File your nails.  This sounds like obvious advice, but for many clients filing has become something they don’t do and something that we do for you.  Regular filing once or twice a week will keep your nails in trim and keep them from getting too long and breaking.  Our natural nail wooden files from Artistic provide a great smooth feeling that is intended to protect your nail.  Remember don’t see-saw on your nails and file in one direction.  We would recommend from side to centre on one side, then side to centre on the other side finally neatening the centre gently in one direction.
  •  The optimum time for cream or oil absorption is overnight and if you apply your cuticle oil and hand lotion at this time you can increase the absorption rate while the body rests from its day’s work.  You can increase this further by adding a thicker layer of lotion and popping a pair of cotton gloves on overnight.
  •  Finally, to give your nails a little extra protection whilst you can’t get your gels or acrylics done, try using a nail treatment like OPI Nail Envy or a regular clear polish just for a layer of protection unless you want to push the boat out and get all those bottles of polish out!

Most of all have some fun with doing your nails and look after them until we can again