Previously, toners were known for being very drying and were used to strip very oily skin, nowadays a great toner can be an essential part of an effective skincare routine.

A good toner, packed with antioxidents, can be the perfect way to restore, soothe and moisturise skin. The right toner can enhance your skin’s surface, giving it what it needs to look fresher, smoother, can reduce pores and help soothe redness.

[ comfort zone ] Remedy Toner Spray. with a soothing and fortifying action, is recommended for skins which are sensitive, sensitized and prone to redness. Easy to use, with just a simple press you receive a spritz of minute particles which provide an immediate sensation of relief.

Ideal during sun exposure or during the day in closed environments subject to central heating and air conditioning, to provide relief, rehydrate and protect the skin.

Spray the product directly onto face and neck, or on to cotton pads, after cleansing and during the day as required. Leave to evaporate naturally.

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