Sensitive skin is a condition that can cause unpleasant sensations on the skin such as itching, redness, burning and stinging, and can be caused by a number of factors including the food we eat, alcohol, medication and health conditions, as well as environmental factors like the weather, extremes in temperature, inappropriate skincare or lack of any sort of skincare routine.

It is possible that the wrong kind of creams and lotions can make skin sensitivity worse, which means it is important to use the correct type of products to, not only help remedy the situation, but protect from further damage.

What does [ comfort zone ] say about skin irritation?

Sensitive skin

“Our skin is home to a diverse ecosystem, including various microorganisms. About 1 million bacteria per square centimetre reside on the skin’s surface. This community of microorganisms which lives inside and at the surface of our bodies is called microbiota. The skin’s microbiota plays an essential role in our adaptive immunity, meaning that maintaining a beneficial bacterial balance will help protect our skin from harmful bacteria that trigger inflammation. Probiotics are the beneficial bacteria that promote health, such as lactobacillus found in yogurt. Prebiotics are the good bacteria’s nutritional sources which preserve the microbiota, thereby protecting its defence mechanisms. In the beauty salon or spa, aestheticians can recommend the use of products which have the function of promoting skin barrier integrity and the subsequent equilibrium of the microbiota. In this way, the constant use of these types of products will strengthen the skin, reducing cutaneous reactivity”

According to statistics, approximately 50% of the population show signs of sensitive skin, and that figure is growing. The stress of modern life means we cannot always be aware of the pollutants and products we subject our bodies and skin to, but that does not mean we have to suffer. Finding the right skincare solution for you is paramount to healthy, beautiful problem free skin.

sensitive skin remedy

“Introducing REMEDY, [ comfort zone ]’s professional and homecare solution to soothe and fortify sensitive and sensitised skins, targeting all the effects of excess inflammation. REMEDY’s exclusive approach leverages the power of a prebiotic to promote skin health and to provide extra defence, natural botanical extracts to curb inflammation, blended with precious Marula Oil to repair the skin barrier. Redness is visibly reduced, a sensation of relief is immediately provided, the skin is stronger and more resilient to prevent future inflammation. The new REMEDY is extremely gentle on the skin and on the environment, following our formulation philosophy SCIENCE-BASED CONSCIOUS FORMULAS™. It is free from silicones, parabens, mineral oils, added fragrances and surfactants. The products contain up to 98% of natural-origin ingredients, and have been dermatologically tested on sensitive skins.”

[ comfort zone ] Remedy Serum & Remedy Cream can:

  • Help calm redness caused by winter chills
  • Get essential moisture back into dehydrated skin
  • Soothe all types of sensitivity

For extra protection you can use Remedy Defence Cream which will provide an intensely effective barrier to the elements.

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