This client came to us for advice about waxing after past attempts that failed, Have you had a similar experience with waxing? 

“I am getting married in summer 2018 and would like to be able to be waxed prior to the wedding and honeymoon, however I have tried waxing before and it didn’t work for me. I suffered with terrible ingrown hairs on my legs and bikini line afterwards and there were patches on my legs which were stubbly again within 24 hours.”

Sue says:

Shaving between waxing breaks the hair growth cycle and means you’ll continue to get breakthrough hairs. If you’re aiming for summer hair free areas, start waxing now to help your hair growth get into one cycle and then you’ll get 2-3 weeks hair free

Moisturise your legs regularly and particularly before waxing. Dry skin can stop wax capturing hair and will just encourage wax to stick to your skin making hair removal more difficult

Make sure you follow the aftercare instructions which should include no hot treatments, heavy exercise or swimming for 24 hours. If intimate waxing has been carried out, avoid intimate activities and horse riding for 24-48 hours post wax.

Exfoliate weekly and moisturise daily after waxing and avoid repetitively touching areas waxed for 24 hours. Avoid perfumed products. Finally, ensure you book your next appointment before you leave the salon to ensure continuity of treatments.

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