Client issue: sore, cracked skin around fingernails, nails split and flimsy and won’t grow as very weak and break off.

What the client says:

“I have a job that means I am very often showcasing ideas to clients on laptops and iPads; I am so self-conscious of my hands that I can get distracted by worrying that people are looking at my hands rather than what I am pointing to!

I don’t bite my nails, but they won’t grow. My skin around my fingers cracks and is often very sore. My nails seem to grow in layers and split once they get to a certain length. I don’t wear nail polish as it seems to emphasise the sore parts around my fingernails and to use nail polish remover stings so bad! There no point me getting a manicure either as polish peels off in a couple of hours! What can I do?

Nail Salon Bexley

Sue says:
“The first thing we need to do is nourish the nails and heal the skin. Cuticle oil is a great way to treat weak, brittle nails. We use Dadi Oil at Gorgeous, (£4.50 for 3.75ml) a luxurious natural nail oil which absorbs quickly and penetrates deep into the skin and nail, and smells fantastic! 

Follow with a high-quality hand cream packed with nutrients such as luxury Dadi lotion which will moisturise without being greasy, nourish the skin and help soothe any soreness. 

While you are nourishing and healing, keep nails filed and sort to prevent breakage and splitting. Use a good quality file such as a smooth feel file (240 grit) or glass or wooden file, like the Exact file from Artistic Nail Design. 

Cheap emery boards and heavy grit files are too much for a natural nail, especially nails that are weak, and will open the keratin fibres at the free edge causing flaking, delamination, splitting etc. Remember when choosing a file, smooth is your friend!

IBX nail treatment bexley

Once your skin has healed, and your nails have been nourished, I recommend an IBX treatment. 
This treatment will penetrate the nail with a toughening agent; this fuses together the nail’s top layers to improve nail plate integrity and help your nails grow longer and stronger.
A good manicure and a gel polish will help to protect the nail, and also encourage you to cease any picking or skin biting habits you may have, as your hands and nails will look great and you’ll want to keep them that way! Never peel off gel polish at home as this can be very damaging to nails.”

So, first of all, we are going to spend two weeks nourishing and soothing while healing the skin. Here are the before photos, we will update progress regularly to show how we progress with helping this client reach her goal of nails she can be proud of!

Here we are on day 1: