Help! Embarrassed by my nails! Day 4

In case you missed it, catch up on our clients nail issues here. Here’s an update from our client on her progress as she follows Sue’s advice to reach her goal of nails she can be proud of…

Client issue: sore, cracked skin around fingernails, nails split and flimsy and won’t grow as very weak and break off.

Here’s a reminder of how the nails and fingers were looking on day 1

“For the last 4 days I have been following the advice Sue gave me on the first stage towards my goal of normal healthy nails and fingers.

Every morning, once I have got myself ready for the day, I brush a cuticle oil on all my nails and finger tips. I then rub it for a few seconds and head to work.

During the day I have been using a nourishing Shea Butter hand cream mixed with a few drops of [ comfort zone ] Renight oil from a sample Sue gave me.

At night while watching the TV, I use the cuticle oil and hand cream again, and I made sure I wore rubber gloves when I was doing the washing up.

I am very happy with the progress so far, I still have a way to go but seeing the difference so quickly has spurred me on.

My skin is healing, it’s no longer sore and feels softer, I’ve stopped catching it on my clothes!

I ordered a decent nail file block with a buffer and polisher (should be here tomorrow!) so I’ll be able to keep them filed back to try and minimise the snapping and breaking.

I will continue with this routine over the next week and see what happens, but as you can see from the photos there’s a marked improvement! Thanks Sue!!”