At this time of the year our hands are a regular focus for many of us as they can be so cold!  Do you wear gloves every time you go out in cold weather?  Do you wear SPF?  Do you exfoliate your hands?  Are they dry & cracked?  How much elasticity do you have? How can you keep your hands looking their best?

These are all questions that we should be considering as the weather takes effect on our skin, nails and cuticles.  The weather can make or break our hands & nails and we take a lot of care of our facial skin and body skin, but for many their hands are overlooked.  They are the hardest working parts of our body.  Constantly affected by everything we do, be it housework, going to the park with the kids, sitting in the sun, scraping the ice off the windscreen.  All these things impact on the soft tissues of our hands.

Here’s some helpful hints to get your hands looking their best!

Use Cuticle Oil. Regularly massage in a high-grade cuticle oil.  This will provide nutrients rich oils to one of the driest areas of your fingers but will also help increase circulation through the massage.  We use Dadi-Oil during our nail services to help replenish your cuticles and surrounding skin.  Regular use of cuticle oil will keep your cuticles in prime condition and help with hangnails, overgrowth and the general health of your nail area.  If you wear any nail enhancement products, cuticile oil is a must for keeping your natural nails in tip top condition. Dadi Oil is available in 3.75ml handbag size (£4.50) or for a full size 15ml for your dressing table (£11.95).

Exfoliation is important for your skin and will help with cell renewal. Our circulation and cell renewal are affected by the cold.  When you use an exfoliator, you remove the dead skin cells that are still loitering on the surface and this process encourages cell renewal at a deeper level in your skin.  We’d recommend a thorough exfoliation of your hands once a week.  The process of massaging in will increase circulation to your hands bringing nutrients and oxygen, both necessary to keep your skin healthy and more youthful looking.

Hand creams and lotions vary a lot and we would recommend a product that is based in natural oils and nutrients. That pinch the back of your hand trick that your mum showed you is where you’ll see how much elasticity is in your skin.  If it stays in the air you still have good collagen and skin firmness.  The quicker it drops the more your skin needs the support.  Try and avoid petroleum-based products as these can be drying to the skin.  Try and use hand lotion after washing your hands.  For the best results, before bed coat your hands in hand lotion, your cuticles in oil, pop on some cotton gloves and feel the difference the next morning.  You only really need do this once a week, but it provides an intense moisture bath for your hands and nails.  For a good quality hand & body lotion try Dadi-Lotion £16.95 (236ml).

Book a manicure – Let us do the work for you! In our manicure you will receive a nail tidy, cuticle tidy, exfoliation and massage with hand lotion. We use Salt of the Earth products to help you escape into a soothing, aromatic experience. We use Salt of the Earth products to help you escape into a soothing, aromatic experience. Your hands will thank you for it.  Available as a regular manicure or alongside your gel polish.  Standard Manicure £23 or Gel Polish with Manicure £35.

Sun protection. Try and remember that your hands get more sunlight than any part of your body.  Hence you will regularly see age or ‘liver’ spots on the hands.  If you have had a life of sunshine and have sun damage on your hands or elsewhere we are now able to assist with the removal of this using our Cryopen.  £50 for your first treatment (inc consultation) and £30 for ongoing treatments.

Watch the video below for more information on Cryopen or click here to book your consultation online.

If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch!

Take care of those hands!

Sue x