It is a sad reality that some discount nail bars operate in this way and that UK people will not see past the cheap £10/15 services to what is a horrific situation for some workers. Think before you hand over your cash only payment. Why is it cash only? Do they have websites or traceable digital routes to them. If all they have is a shop front ask yourself why.

The longer discount nail bars like this are patronised by people who want convenience and what they see as value for money, modern slavery will continue.

Ask yourself if it’s too good to be true.

Before I trained I used to use a discount salon and I couldn’t believe that I could get my nails done for £15 as the last time I’d had acrylics in a salon they had cost me £30ish back in around 1987/88. Roll forward to 2000/1 and there’s a 50% decrease in price. I was so happy as I had young kids and it meant I could afford to have nails!!! Roll forward 2 years and I’d trained as a nail tech and was beginning to understand the reasons why I had paid £15 and why I always recommend that people check the credentials, qualifications and insurances of where they go.

Legitimate businesses will happily share qualification information and all qualifications are traceable back to the origin.

Legitimate businesses will display insurance certificates.

Legitimate businesses will have card machines.

Legitimate businesses will have websites, Facebook, twitter etc as we have to market ourselves to gain business.

Legitimate businesses will charge their worth for all of the above.

Please consider the reality of why they are this cheap before you hand over your money.

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