For many people a facial is a luxury treatment that is a birthday treat or an occasional thing to have and do not realise the benefits that a professional facial can provide.

As professional therapists, it is our responsibility to help you discover the great things that regular facials can do for you and your skin.  Most women and men decide to book a facial when they have something that concerns them, maybe pigmentation, a change to their skin i.e. over oily or dryness or perhaps they have special occasion looming that they want to look their best for.  As therapists, this is what we see happen regularly, however for a lot of clients if facials were a regular part of their routine this would get noted in the early stages of the change and advice and corrective treatments can be brought in before things go too far.  Good homecare systems are important too and when working with a facial specialist it is always worth investing in the products used during your treatments to continue the good work at home.

With the economy having been hit hard over the last decade we appreciate that a monthly facial may feel opulent or too excessive. Injectables in the UK have been increasing hugely, and a lot of people are opting for quick fixes and will spend hundreds of pounds on fillers and muscle fixing treatments on a regular basis.  However, if you utilise your local facial therapist you could get similar results without the need for invasive treatments.

Today’s world is a place of filters and fake imagery and this is leading to many women (some  guys too) to have false expectations and hopes placed upon their skin requirements.  Your face is always on show and when it doesn’t feel or look right it can have a big effect on you as a person.   Investing in your skin has a value that can give a better return for your emotional wellbeing than some other purchases you could make such as clothes, holidays etc.  Each facial gives you a little time out in a world of tranquillity and can make you feel a million dollars.  When you leave the salon after a good facial you will float home with your skin feeling great.

At Gorgeous we can tailor-make your facial after a full consultation. The range of facials we offer go from prescriptive facials for dry, sensitive, imbalanced, acne reducing or environmentally stressed skin through to our anti-ageing and advanced level facials such as Crystal Clear or Icon Ultralift (non-surgical face lifting). With our senior facialists we can also add non-surgical face lifting, firming & toning elements to the treatment.  This, along with the beautiful [ comfort zone ] products and systems, make our facials stand out.

In an ideal world all of us would have facials every month, however we know this isn’t possible for everybody.  Some of our facial clients that are working on specific conditions like pigmentation or beginning our Wrinkle Reduction Programme will need an initial course of weekly treatments before going onto maintain the results monthly.

As a quick science lesson, we recommend regular facials so that the surface layer of your skin (stratum corneum) gets a bit of help being renewed.  This happens every 28 days naturally and the dead cells are pushed to the surface.  The reason behind getting monthly facials is that your stratum corneum (the outermost layer of visible skin) will completely renew itself approximately every 28 days. When you receive a facial the top layer of cells improves and as the new cells grow they copy the top cells so if they are in better condition this will mean over time your skin condition will improve.  Great homecare and following your aftercare advice will also boost this process so when you have combined facials and homecare the results will be quicker and more effective.

Aside from just feeling like heaven, here are our top 10 reasons why you should come in to Gorgeous Nail & Beauty Emporium for monthly facials:

Reason 1:

A 60-minute facial will not give you miracle results, but when you do them regularly, they will give you a fresher and healthier complexion that is better balanced and you’ll find you get more comments from those around you on how great your skin looks.

Reason 2:

The ageing process can be slowed by having regular facials.  This is to do with the resurfacing benefits that come with regular facials.  Some of our facials can work to prevent and improve the visible signs of ageing.  We can provide you with a Wrinkle Reduction Program to reduce fine lines and improve dehydrated skin.  The elements of exfoliation, massage, and use of antioxidants, facials can also reverse aging.  Everybody’s skin will mature and show signs of age, but monthly facials and good homecare can keep you looking rejuvenated, hydrated and glowing for longer.

Reason 3:

Some of our facials offer a deeper exfoliation than is available in homecare products and so the results of professional treatments allow better absorption of products, better hydration and better collagen production as well a few other things too.

Reason 4:

Collagen production is increased through good facials as well as the massage included in them.  Our Sublime Skin range actively supports and protects collagen production allowing a better look and feel for your skin.

Reason 5:

Laying on our bed to receive your facial gives you time to relax.  They can work holistically giving your mind, body and spirit a lift.   With the added massage elements that are included in our facials you will leave feeling emotionally lighter and less stressed as a bonus to your new glowing skin.

Reason 6:

The massage elements, again, work their wonders on improving your circulation.  This brings more oxygen, healthy cell renewal and will stimulate and speed up the processes we have already discussed.

Reason 7:

Think of your facial as a waste removing process.  Fluid and toxins can build in the underlying tissues and skin and through the products used and the massage techniques a facial can reduce puffiness and fluid and improve a ruddy complexion through detoxifying your skin.

Reason 8:

For many of us, we don’t do a deep clean on our skin regularly enough and you should view coming for a facial a bit like visiting the hygienist at the dentist.  Our pores get quite blocked over time and without regular exfoliation an oilier skin can become more prone to acne conditions.  Larger, open pores can be a sign of this and regular exfoliation and extraction by a professional can reduce the size of the pores.  Home extraction can lead to scarring so please leave it to a professional.

Reason 9:

Attending your facial appointment allows us to guide you with product choices and homecare.  When and how to exfoliate and what a good product is to help keep your skin renewal up at home.  So many women, and increasingly men, have pots, jars and bottles of unused skincare products sitting on a shelf due to not understanding their skin or the product.

Reason 10:

Advanced facials can remove pigmentation and dark spots through product or machine-based treatments.  A good facial can bring an evenness of tone to your face and can reduce redness to improve the appearance of your skin.

Want to know more about facials? read The Gorgeous Guide to facials or click below to book a facial with us in our Bexley salon.